So.....What is the best puppy food for my new puggle puppy?

Commercial pet food companies have come up with some of the most confusing variations about which formula to feed our pets, especially when it comes to our puppies.

Why is there so much confusion by the pet food companies? Because they’re trying to out-do the competition with the best formula, cutest puppy pictures, colorful packaging, great price and still neglecting to tell you that their "puppy food" contains harsh chemicals and by-products that can set the stage for future health problems in your adult dog.

If the food being fed is high quality and all natural, there is no need to have separate formulas. Life's Abundance Dog Food is formulated according to AAFCO's guidelines of providing a 1:1 calcium/phosphorus ratio.

A puppy will eat more and a senior will eat less...each dog gets the proper calcium/phosphorus ratio, and it's nutritional needs are met, no matter how much food or how little food a dog eats.

Don't let these commercial pet food companies fool and confuse you with all their different age formulas. They have these formulas available because their food is not high quality.

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Hear what a top breeder has to say about Life's Abundance Dog Food

I've been a highly recommended Breeder of Show/ Competition/ Working dogs for over 30 years. The pet food recalls of 2007 shocked me, and scared me silly. I was feeding some of the big name "super premium" brands recalled, in my 100+ dog pet-resort/kennel. We are yet to tally our damages.

I did about 2 weeks of research and consulted my vet, and decided that HealthyPetNet's "Life's Abundance" was the best formula, had the best Vet in charge of the formula, and the freshest mode of rapid direct delivery available in the US. I considered cooking for all the dogs, but even if I could get the mineral and vitamin, protein, fat and carbohydrate balances correct, I realized that the buyers of my puppies might not be able to do the same. I needed a consistently available super premium brand, to use, and be able to recommend.

I immediately bought over 2000 lbs of "Life's Abundance" and saw immediate stool improvement. The dogs and puppies jumped on the new food, like it was tri-tip, even a 3 month old 1 lb. chihuahua who'd just been rushed to the vet ... She shunned the vets liquid complete food he prescribed and ate soaked "Life's Abundance" like it was steak as soon as she came around, and completely recovered.

Now I feel safe and confident that my dogs and precious puppies are on the very best. I wish I could stop worrying that less than deadly amounts of exposure to toxins in the pet store brands, might cause us … other damages, but I'm so glad there was a healthy, wholesome, holistic, alternative, direct sales brand. Thank you HealthyPetNet, for making "Life's Abundance" available to American pets, so the owners who cherish them can feel at peace, knowing that we're feeding the best.

Dawn S. CA

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